Yoga & Meditation

Vinyasa - Yin - AcroYoga - Meditation - Mindfulness


Yoga is a wonderful ancient technique to move the body, release blockages and find more freedom of movement. We love yoga to get in touch with ourselves and our emotions. Being the observer allows everything to be present, what is present. Being ok with all the ugly and beautiful bits.
We teach and practice a quality of self-observation and -introspection that is fully accepting of everything and non-judgemental of anything.

With different yoga styles we bring attention to different qualities of ourselves and our lives, embracing the giggly, strong, community-based practice of AcroYoga, the rhythmic qualities of Vinyasa Yoga and the introspective beauties of Yin.

Private and group classes in Golden Bay and Sydney.


Swedish - Thai Massage - Therapeutic Flying

Therapeutic flying

Therapeutic flying

Our sessions are personalised to your body - whether you are a pregnant goddess, New Mum or Mother to older children, we restore your ability to find relax, let go and access your inner power to heal yourself.

Whether you prefer an oil-based massage, a fully clothed session on the floor or the power of therapeutic flying - where you literally hang suspended in the air - we’ve got you covered!

Personal sessions in Golden Bay and Sydney.


Personal coaching -  Group coaching


Whether you are expecting a baby, are a New Mum or just need some new perspective on yourself, life, or how to excel at dealing with daily demands or the goals in your life, we would love to work with you!

Personal sessions are available in person in Sydney, or via phone / Skype / Zoom.

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