Our Vision



Our mission is to empower Mums. We create an experience for you to pause, breathe and release, and share transformative techniques to connect to your essence.

As Mums, we fulfil many roles in life: We care for our children, our families, our work, our communities. We are mothers, partners, educators, co-workers, employers, counsellors, cooks, organisers, family planners, the one person everyone comes to.

Our days are busy, and sometimes, and sometimes every time, we come last. Who we were before we were Mums seems another lifetime away, and who we will be after the kids grow up or have grown up might seem like another universe. But we are a pivotal role in our families - and when Mum isn’t happy, no one is happy!

We get you. We are you. And we believe that we cannot fill our families’ cup up when ours is only half full. At the end of the day, kids don’t want a perfect Mum and partners don’t want a perfect partner, but a happy one.

For Mums who want more from life, our retreat and weekend escapes offer a new way to nurture yourself - with yoga, mindfulness techniques, hands-on bodywork, personal coaching and lots of FUN. Unlike general yoga retreats, often facilitated by younger ladies or men, we nurture you on a SOUL level, from Mums to Mums, so you can go home vibrant and full.


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Our logo

We are two women, two mums, two teachers and lovers of movement, coming together to share our love for movement, bodywork and coaching with other Mums.

Coming from the Sanskrit word for circle, a Mandala represents the universe in Hinduism or Buddhism. It is a symbol for spiritual growth and realising your hearts’ desire.

To Native Americans, the butterfly was considered a miracle of transformation. It is a symbol of change and joy.

As we transform from women to mothers, it is vital we keep connecting to our hearts desire and keep alive what makes us shine. Our logo combines the desire for growth and self-realisation with the joyful nature of a butterfly.


Our Team

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I am a homeschooling mum, co-parenting a wonderful 7 year old girl, Sophia. I am a yoga teacher, a massage therapist and acroyoga teacher. My passion for yoga came about in my late 20s when a sense of dissatisfaction with society's values and a sense of adventure brought me to travel the world for years, to different cultures. I asked deeper questions about the meaning of it all. I came across Jnana Yoga and that initiated my journey inwards. Yoga has been an invaluable tool in shading layers and lenses of the ego that no longer served me. Motherhood has been such a crash course to applying the philosophy and yogic techniques to the everyday life. I am on an ongoing journey of balancing my energy amongst work, homeschooling, parenting and self-nurturing. Growing up in a small town in Italy I spent my teenage years living and volunteering in a self-catering hotel where I have been inspired by so many travellers from different corners of the world. I am an adventurer, a traveller of the soul, I have been dealing with PTSD and divorce. Yoga and meditation have been invaluable tools on my journey of self-healing. I love teaching and sharing my passion. My daughter and acroyoga have brought playfulness in my life again and almost in my 40s now I have never felt so strong and at home in my body and mind.





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I am a Mum of two beautiful young children, a devoted partner, a sister. I am a business owner, entrepreneur, executive coach, strategist. I am a yoga teacher, bodyworker, event organiser.

My life is about connection, community, beautiful food, lots of movement and self-development.

“My passion in life is transformation – through movement, touch, coaching. With an open mind and curiosity, I love discovering the uniqueness of bodies: We are all on our journey at our own pace, and our bodies today are an expression of past and current movement patterns & events.
I truly believe, that, respecting the current individual state, yoga can be for everyone. In my classes, I strive to create a loving and safe environment with a healthy balance between workout, fun, discovery and relaxation. I love practising and sharing different styles of movement - from Vinyasa to AcroYoga and Yin, each tradition has its own gems."





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Linda Ross is our Nutritionist Chef with over 15 years’ experience catering for health and wellbeing events around the world. Her wholesome healing plant based meals are crafted using local, seasonal and mostly organic ingredients. Blending ancient nutrient dense foods and contemporary cuisine - each dish is free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar and nutritionally prepared with Love.